We are blessed to be apart of a growing community of passionate earth stewards. The following resources might be helpful to you on your journey of connecting, understanding, and interacting with your home landscape. The majority of these resources can be found in the Puget Sound region, specifically King County, WA. 


NW Bloom Farm / Redmond, WA - Small selection of fruit and nut trees, fruiting shrubs, herbs and groundcovers. Sales by appointment only and/or during their annual plant sale.


Head, Hands & Heart Nursery / Carnation, WA / (425) 444-7773 - A diverse and large selection of fruit and nut trees, vines, herbs, ground covers, and unique perennial vegetables from a knowledgable plant breeder.


Johann’s Nursery / Buckley, WA - A large selection of perennial edible plants etc.


Agrarian Sharing Network - A decentralized, collaborative network focused on distributing plant diversity to friends and neighbors and creating a shareable reproducible model for others to implement. They offer plant swaps, fruit tree and scion wood exchanges, fruit tree grafting workshops and more.


Hawthorn Farm / Woodinville, WA - A local teaching farm hosts a pop-up farm stand and offers many veggie plant starts in the spring. They also offer educational programming, fresh food, & community events.


Bastry University Gardens / Kenmore, WA - The school hosts an annual plant sale with a large variety of culinary and medicinal herb starts. Explore the gardens and get inspired!


Water Saving Water Partnership - A rich database of local resources on rainwater harvesting and more.


Ace Hardware / Duvall, WA - Local and affordable options for basic irrigation supplies like timers, hoses and rotary sprinklers.


Stueber’s / Snohmish, WA - Wholesale distributor of irrigation supplies along with other gardening, farming, greenhouse, landscape lighting supplies and more.


Horizon / Bellevue, WA - Wholesale pricing on irrigation and landscaping supplies.



Soil Cedar Grove Composting / Woodinville, WA - Bulk soil, compost and mulch available for pick up or delivery.


King Conservation District - Offers free soil testing services and related resources to King County residents. 



Rockin E Feeds / Duvall, WA - Wood pallets available for free. You just need to ask them first. These can be used to build a three-bin composting system, wood shed, and/or other simple structures.


Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm - Composting worms and composting systems to purchase online.


Live Edge Hardwoods / Duvall, WA - A local mill that generates wood shavings and pulp as a byproduct that can be used as mulch or incorporated into your various composting systems. You need to ask them first.


Chip Drop - Free wood chip mulch and wood rounds delivered to most homes.


The Duvall Food Forest / Duvall, WA - Free wood chip mulch available. You just need to load it yourself, and ideally, be in a vehicle that can drive down and back up the wood chip road to access the pile. The pile is located to the left of the entrance sign to the forest.


Ace Hardware / Duvall, WA - Free cardboard to use as the base layer of your mulching projects. The store receives product shipments and processes the carboard boxes on Thursday mornings. You can go to the store then, lend a hand, and load up on cardboard.


Services Ally Tree Care / Duvall, WA / (206)794-2537 - A local and ethical tree removal, trimming and care service.


The Duvall Food Forest / Duvall, WA - A local hub for gaining experience, skills, resources, and information on regenerative earth stewardship practices. We also offer landscape design, build, and install services.


Jason Padvorac / Maltby, WA - A local teacher on the topic of food forests.


Rachael Witt / Duvall, WA - Plant based education and remedies including private and group mentorships.


The Garden Hotline / / (206) 633-0224 - A free phone service to help you with your garden questions.

This resource page is constantly building and improving. Please, contact us if you have a resource that you think would benefit our community.