Ecological Landscape Design, Consultation, and Mentoring


We believe that we have the ability to transform ourselves and our landscapes into healthy, abundant, and life-nourishing ecosystems. In the process, we can transform ourselves, our communities, and the future generations for the better. Whether we call it permaculture, holistic, or ecological landscape design, our approach is to blend the practical knowledge of ecology, with the wisdom of nature. We celebrate the unique character and ecological processes taking place on the land, along with the needs and desires of the client, in order to design solutions that bring the land and its inhabitants into a regenerative relationship. We seek to increase the health, well-being, resilience and regenerative capacity of every client and landscape we work with.

our clients

Our ideal client is someone who is...

  • Interested in topics of homesteading, gardening, regenerative agriculture, sustainability, permaculture, ecological design, building habitat, creating sanctuary, and more. 

  • Searching for ways to connect deeply and better understand their landscape.

  • Tired of designing and working on their landscape isolation, and wanting to collaborate.

  • Excited about a big-picture vision for their life with their landscape, but lacking the clarity and direction in order to make it happen.


our services

Our design, consultation, and mentoring services are available to individuals and families at any skill level. We work on a variety of landscapes, from the apartment balcony to the several acre farm. Our services are easy to engage with, it just starts with a phone call. 


Contact us to learn more or schedule your free, 40 minute consultation via phone or zoom. In order to make best use of our time, we invite you to fill out a brief questionnaire beforehand.

Simple Design package

  • 1 - 2 hour site visit to your landscape. Our team will visit your landscape to further assess the needs and desires of both you and your landscape. We use this time to get to know you better, observe the landscape, take notes and photographs, inventory existing physical elements and natural energies, and create a simple concept design, in pencil sketch form, for your immediate review.

  • A base map of your landscape, 8.5” x 11”

  • A simple concept plan.

  • Link to local resources

  • A document with summary of our observations, description of your concept design, an overview of implementation, and any relevant educational resources.

With this design package, clients with a do-it-yourself attitude often feel confident enough to implement most of the features offered in their concept plan. This package is simple, small, and mighty. It communicates the breadth of possibilities for you and your landscape, while including enough inspiration, relevant resources, and basic orientation for how to get started.

complete design package

  • The intro design package as described above, plus...

  • A more in-depth client interview process (which could include a more detailed questionnaire and/or a follow-up site visit). 

  • An accurate, to-scale base map of your landscape.

  • In addition to the concept plan, a master plan of your landscape, with details that could include siting of specific structures, pathways, fencing, plants (species, sizes, and spacing), livestock integration, and more.

  • A document with a detailed summary of observations, description of your master plan, an overview of implementation, and any relevant educational resources including how-to manuals, plant and/or materials pallettes, and more.


The intent of our mentoring services is to facilitate a collaborative process, and support the relationship and understanding between you and your landscape. We offer our mentoring services to those who have received a concept or master plan from us. Instead of doing the work for you, we do the work with you. We want to help you come to your own clarity of vision, and enliven the ecological designer in you. In each mentoring session, you can expect that we engage some of the following:

  • Establish and clarify goals for how to further design, implement, maintain and/or engage with your landscape. 

  • Dive into a specific project on your landscape, for example, installing a rain garden or planting fruit trees.

  • Get feedback, process-related comments, relevant educational resources, next best steps, and ideas for future projects.


A typical mentoring session might look something like: The week prior our session, we talk about rain gardens, where to located them, and explored plant options. You chose a site, performed a percolation test, and bought plants. We meet on your landscape from 10am to 2pm with the goal of installing a rain garden. We dig the basin together, plant, mulch, and celebrate!

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