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The Duvall Food Forest

This design of an edible public park was created for The City of Duvall through a six-month design and planning process involving over one hundred individuals from the local community. The design features a perennial food forest, community garden, habitat garden, childrens garden, medicinal herb garden, community gathering spaces and more. The design is being implemented in strategic phases and is managed by the non-profit.

DFF Concept v.2.jpg

The Highlands Homestead

The client wanted to create a homebase for beauty, magic and wellness, with multiple dwellings, an art studio, commercial herb kitchen, orchards, gardens, small livestock integration and more. The elements of this 3+ acre design project that were installed include fruit and nut orchards, greywater and rainwater systems, annual gardens, pathways, gathering spaces and more.  


The class Residence

The client wanted to grow flowering plants, food, medicine, and have better access to outdoor space. There was a desire to interact with the landscape more. This design reflects their wants and needs, as well as the landscapes. It incorporates fruit trees, medicinal herb garden, pathways and more. 

Class Design Sketch.jpg

The Slettebak Residence

This residential design was created as a long term development plan for the client, whom desired to incorporate livestock, establish a market garden, mitigate erosion and more.  


The given Residence

The client was passionate about bird watching, and growing more food and herbs. This design integrates food production with raised beds on contour in the backyard. In the front yard, there are fruit trees and a cottage style herb garden. There were many details provided in this design, including a planting plan for the herb garden, and plants for mitigating erosion, and more. A lot of the plants were selected in order to encourage visitation from native birds and benficial pollinators.

Given_concept design1.jpg

The Webb Residence

This residential design began with an existing tiny home, surrounded by less than desirable landscaping. This design is a celebration of the clients dream to grow more food and herbs while creating sanctuary and encouraging pollinators. The budget allowed for creative use of existing materials in order to increase growing spaces.

Webb_concept plan.jpg

The Cellar x RSM Design Urban Farm

This mini urban farm and outdoor entertainment space design was a collaboration between neighboring businesses, a design firm and a restaurant. The design firm wanted a multi-use outdoor space for staff meetings, entertaining clients, and lunch breaks, while the restaurant wanted to grow food and herbs for use in their kitchen. It features a mural, outdoor theater space, raised beds, fruit trees and more. The mini urban farm and orchard was installed and still produces food for the restaurant.


The Roberts Residence

This residential design features native plantings for beauty and erosion control, as well as rainwater harvesting features. The client wanted to to mitigate erosion and drainage issues while growing plants, so after the design, a small rain garden and dry well was installed.

Design sketch_noname.jpg

The pflaff Residence

The client wanted a front yard landscape that was low maintenance, dought tolerant, and harvested rainwater passively. The design and installation of this landscape featured a native habitat garden, a rainbarrel for water catchment and use, and integrated a discreet rock basin to catch and sink overflow rainwater into the landscape for surrounding plants to access. 


The goodwin Residence

This backyard garden design was intended to offer sustainable food production and support healthy eating habits for the family. The completed design was installed in one weekend, and features perennial and annual food crops, culinary herbs, flowers, fruiting vines and trees, an automated irrigation system, and pathways. 


The Archbold Residence

This residential design features a pollinator pathway, annual garden, and placement of greenhouse, compost bin and rainwater catchment. The client wanted to grow food and create a privacy hedge while attracting beneficial pollinators. The details in this plan included planting lists and more. 

Concept Design_Archbold_noname.jpg

The Mengarelli residence

The client wanted to install a low-maintenance landscape themselves, one that had opportunties to grow food and entertain guests. This design features a small fruit orchard, annual garden beds, outdoor gathering space, and included placement of functional elements like a woodshed, compost bins, bench seating and more.  

site design plan.jpg
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